TC Disrupt!

Mike Butcher yelling at his stock broker.

Mike Butcher yelling at his stock broker.

Wow, what an amazing experience. I was in SF for just 36 hours but what a 36 hours it's been.TCDisrupt is great event. I wish I had time to talk to more people. I was at the show manning my table solo so I had had to hold the fort down. But it was worth it. I had so many people walk up to play with the phone and laugh (only a few at my expense). So many people had great things to say about "The Brick". It really caught people's attention. Those who got the idea were really effusive about how much they loved it. It was great to get live feedback from so many people.

  As a result of all that great feedback we will be incorporating some new cool features in the Brick. It's a surprise for now, so stay tuned.

 Our table was located in the Hardware alley. ( ) This relatively new section of the show (it's debut was in May at the TCDisrupt NY event) is a place for hardware startups to show their wares. It awesome to  be a part of this new movement. Since the internet boom of the 90's all the attention and money has been devoted to software and lately consumer web. That is changing. We’re humbled to be a small part of this new development.

  Software and hardware are nothing without each other. Good design requires both. Companies that are traditionally thought of for software only are beginning follow Apple lead in creating carefully designed and tuned hardware to ensure a great user experience. A recent example is Microsoft latest tablet offering. If you want your software to work you have to control the hardware on which it is run.

  Aside from control and stability there is something to be said for specialization. At a basic level we like to interact with physical objects. We want to turn knobs and push buttons. A radio is a box with a knob, the feedback is hearing static until we tuned to our station. Something is lost when we try to reproduce that on a generic screen. Software that mimics hardware miss the point.

 Hardware gives us assurance that when we flip a switch the radio will turn on. A click is much more satisfying that a swipe.

Thanks to TechCruch and everyone who stopped by my table. It was great to meet likeminded people and be part of the community. We can’t wait to tell you about the latest developments.

Getting Ready for TC Disrupt!!

Yanir cannot wait to show of our new prototype!! Here is a picture, (check out the awesome lighted keypad!), He'll be sending me pictures of the 80s Retro Brick in action from our table at Hardware Alley, and I'll post them here to share with everyone. 

If you are at the event stop by and say hello!

The Brick is Ready.

The 80s Retro Brick Handset - to be continued...

This project was recently on Kickstarter, and unfortantely we were not able to reach our goal. However, fear not! We are actively looking for other funding resources so we can get the Retro Brick in your hands soon! Here is what we plan to do next: 

1)   We will be at the Tech Crunch Disrupt Event (Sept 12th in San Francisco) promoting the Retro Brick Handset and looking for potential investors.

2)  Reduce our costs to make the Retro Brick Handset priced more attractively without comprising on quality or design.

3) Get the Retro Brick Handset manufactured and sold online and in retail stores!

Stay tuned for updates from TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2012!